Fourteen years planning, implementing, managing, innovating, evolving, documenting and troubleshooting complex PC, network based business solutions for organizations including: AIG Commodity Trading, Smith Barney Shearson, Simon & Schuster

       MBA, Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, New York

       Accomplished PC Network Support Specialist offering 14 years experience tackling complex applications and business solutions.  Adept at implementing, innovating, evolving, troubleshooting difficult issues under pressure; dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness, benefit and performance of managementís infrastructure investment


         Worldwide software installations and upgrades, for 200 AIG commodity trading positions and 100 back office positions.  Projects included planning, scripting, testing, documenting, while still supporting 24/7 trading on three continents.

         Developed Excel models to provide real-timeanalyses, charts and positions for commodity traders and marketers, utilized to make live bids and offers to trading counterparts.  Models utilized Reuters and Bloomberg feeds, and trader input manipulated by formulas, functions, macros and controls.

These models resulted in quicker, more flexible deployment of changes to the product mix and trading rules, in response to fast changing market conditions, and regulatory environments, than would have been permitted with server based calculators and long development life cycle tools.

         Strong understanding of; network protocols, macros, scripting, batch files and utilities to effect inter-departmental and inter-company business solutions across diverse networks, operating platforms and file types, resulting in smoothed information sharing across business units.

         Developed, implemented, tested AIG Tradingís business disaster recovery methodology for their most critical banking systems, utilized for making very high dollar value, time sensitive foreign exchange settlement transactions.

         Developed a system of Excel spreadsheets with controls and macros for tracking AIGís precious metals inventory (PMI) including daily mark-to-market for commodities: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium for spots, forwards, leases and other derivative products.

         Devised and implemented a financial profitability model for evaluating publishing projects being considered by HarperCollins for acquisition. System is menu driven and runs under Quattro Pro.

         Researched, planned and managed installation of Simon & Schuster's first PC network in their flagship Trade Division at Rockefeller Center (1988). Researched and drafted the complete functional specifications; wrote the divisionís financial justification detailing specific business requirements, presented and had accepted by management an $80,000 solution; supervised  implementation, including testing of editorial database for multi-user capability; performed end-user training.

         Designed and delivered custom curriculum for performing financial modeling at the State Bank of New South Wales.

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