Drop off your laptop and we’ll give it a full checkout including the following:

·         Update virus software and signatures, perform a  full scan, and configure your portable for  automatic updates.

·         Unload “junk” programs and files, optimize, surface scan and repair the hard drive, check utilization.

·         Unload unneeded startup programs that slow down your PC.

·         Load the latest Microsoft updates and patches for your operating system and other software.

·         Optimize your network connection if needed.

·         Load and configure anti-spam and anti-spy software if needed.

·         Optimize your laptop’s power usage profile, swap file, virtual memory and other arcane system settings.

·         Load and configure an internet firewall if needed, test for and repair security issues if found.

·         Note: Stamford PC Networks recommends a hardware firewall.  See more information on our FAQ page.

·         Clean your laptop / notebook PC screen, keyboard and ports--external.

·         Configure junk mail and spam filters as needed.

·         Check for hardware problems and make recommendations for repair or replacement as necessary.

·         Install and configure new programs like: MS Office, backup programs, mapping software, games, photo editing utilities, remote control, parental control, web authoring utilities.

·         Install and configure new hardware  including:  USB drives, scanners, printers, cameras.

·         Stamford PC Networks will document your system.

Depending what needs to be done, this costs between $150 and $200, and can often be turned around in a day!

Please Note:  Power cords, installation materials, product codes, etc. will be needed for fast turn around..

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