·         Recommend and setup new PCs, laptops, internet connectivity, home networks, printers, scanners, digital cameras.

·         Setup and configure your home or small business network..

·         Virus protection, firewalls, wireless encryption, popup blockers and spam filters.

·          Wirelessly share internet access, printers, scanners and files safely, with others in your home.

·         Learn to use the internet effectively, while safeguarding your family’s privacy.  There are many ways to customize your internet experience that can save you time.  Let us show you how.

·         Setup and maintain filtering software, parental controls.

·         Learn to remotely control your home computer, and access your programs and  files, from anywhere on the internet!

·         Quickly and easily (a few hours) setup an internet web-site for sharing your family’s photos, stories, recipes, art, genealogy and history.  Family and friends can contribute from home; costs less than $20 per month to maintain.

·         Learn to manage email and instant messaging to communicate quickly and effectively with friends and colleagues.

·         Do you have software such as MS Streets, Encarta, Quicken, Itunes that you believe you could be getting more from?  Stamford PC Networks can show you how.

·         Learn advanced features of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Netscape, WordPerfect and many others.  Examples:  Word and WordPerfect mail merge, Excel functions, formulas and macros, Outlook rules for automatically handling incoming messages.

·         Assist with building custom spreadsheets for financial modeling, list management, sales tracking.

·         Do you have a Bloomberg or similar package capable of providing live financial data feeds into your spreadsheet?  We can help you fine-tune your financial model,  portfolio or tracking system, or help you build one from scratch!

·         Troubleshooting.  Does your system crash, hang, flicker, thrash, drop it’s internet connection, or otherwise just plain annoy you?  Most times it can be fixed.  If the problem is due to component failure, we can determine whether you’re better off replacing the component or the system.

Many other services are available!  To find out more, please email, phone,  fax or post STAMFORD PC NETWORKS AT the address below, or click the “free estimate” link above