Services offered for Small Business

·          Recommend and  setup new PCs, laptops, Networks,  internet connectivity, printers, scanners.

·          Stamford PC Networks can Setup and configure small business networks.

·          Virus protection, firewalls, wireless encryption, popup blockers, spam filters.

·          Wireless: internet access, firewall protection,  file, printer, scanner sharing.

·          Software evaluation, purchase recommendation, business need suitability assessment.

·          Install shared software applications: accounting, research, marketing, contact management.

·          Custom Excel financial modeling, list management, sales tracking.

·          Do you have Bloomberg, Reuters?  Feeds can be incorporated directly into your spreadsheet.   Stamford PC Networks  can help you fine-tune your financial model, portfolio or tracking system, or help you build one from scratch!

·          SPCN has expertise in data cleanup, file conversion, data summarization and manipulation.

·          Training.  Customized classes for your office: MS Word mail merge, Excel formulas functions and macros, junk mail filters, “spam” eliminators, popup ad filters.  Learn to be self sufficient!

·          Setup From-home office access using encryption to create 100% secure links into your company from any place on the World-wide internet.

·          Setup an internet web-site for your company, to which you can post important information, documentation, news, marketing and much more.

·          Troubleshooting. Do you have systems that crash, hang, flicker, thrash, drop internet connectivity, or otherwise just plain annoy you? Let Stamford PC Networks fix them!


·           Listen carefully to address immediate client requirements while continuing to support long-term business growth

·           Build trust relationships with clients to assure business requirements are affectively communicated and punctually dispatched

·           Provide tools, training and documentation, allowing clients to monitor their own systems without frequently having to “call the consultant”

·           Minimize the risk of business interruption due to system failure, by regular monitoring and preventive maintenance.

·           Eliminate business interruption during final system testing and implementation, by performing work during off–peak hours

·           Provide an excellent level of service and functionality while minimizing total client cost

Special Concerns SPCN can address for your small business

  • How do you know your email and server files are being backed up reliably?
  • Can you add PCs, users, printers, scanners to your network without crashing the server?
  • Are you paying too much for your internet connection and other services?
  • Do you stay up nights worrying about viruses, privacy, intruders?
  • Is your accounting software installed correctly? What about other programs on your server?
  • Training tailored to specific goals. For example, a management class based on your firm’s budget template.
  • Do you have a plan for taking advantage of new technology?

Many other services are available!  To find out more, please email, phone, fax or post STAMFORD PC NETWORKS AT the address below, or click the “free estimate” link above